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Korean Air Honoured

For the 13th consecutive year Korean Air was honored as the Best Airline Service Provider by the 2017 Global Customer Satisfaction Index (GCSI), which is sponsored by Japan Management Association Consulting (JMAC) and China-flight magazine Han Sang.

The evaluation was based on customer satisfaction, customer values and global competitiveness.

According to the Airline, it makes continuous efforts to introduce eco-friendly aircraft, provide high quality in-flight service and develop new flight routes. The recent introduction of Boeing 787-9, the next-generation craft 'Dreamliner is also a step in that direction. It is an eco-friendly aircraft made of more than 50% carbon fiber composites, said a Korean Air press note.

In addition, Korean Air strives to boost passengers' satisfaction level and maintain stable growth. It is constantly introducing new high-efficient aircraft equipped with premium seats, committing to offer the utmost comfort for passengers, says the note from the Company. It has carried out different initiatives to improve living environment, such as conducting tree-planting activities in Mongolia and China.

The airline has launched new routes to Guiyang in China, Okinawa in Japan and Delhi in India, recently and is also adding new regular flight services to Barcelona.